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What We Provide: Fleet, Equipment and Sourcing

Check the following pages to find out more about the resources we have available on hand and in our network to make your next marine project happen.


Our Fleet

Our fleet is custom-built for the film industry. Whether it's one of our specially-made craft or any of our numerous support, transport or safety boats, we have what is needed to handle any kind of marine situation.

Our Transport Canada Certified vessels are designed for filming on the water and can accommodate whatever your production needs are. Our fleet is supplemented by a range of support vessels for transporting your crew, keeping the production safe, and getting the shots and effects you need in the required time. We are constantly upgrading and maintaining our vessels in order to provide the safest, most reliable fleet for working on the water.

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Picture Boats

We have used every imaginable type of picture boat over the years and have wide-ranging options for productions to choose from. Crosby Marine can supply whatever vessel may be needed by the production from fishing boats to freighters and from speedboats to canoes. Our long standing relationship with the local marine community ensures that all operational details associated with the boats are taken care of, so the production will not have to worry about correct insurance, picture boat modifications or call time schedules.

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Equipment & Gear

Over the years Crosby Marine has invested in specialized equipment for film work. Not only do we have custom boats and barges, but we also have an endless list of miscellaneous gear to support them. Examples of these items include modular docks, safety gear, dive gear, air bags, chest waders, props and a large variety of anchors and ropes. Each year new ideas are brainstormed and new equipment purchased to make filming on the water as efficient as possible.

 Here is a small sample of the variety of gear we are able to provide for your production. To find out more, contact us.

  • Life Jackets
  • Inflatable Life Jackets
  • Chest Waders
  • Marine Handheld Radios
  • Huge Assortment of Anchors and Ropes
  • Winches
  • Fenders and Scotchmans of all sizes
  • Complete safety packages with appropriate safety gear
  • Gangways of different sizes
  • Chainsaw
  • Large assortment of dive gear including dive tanks, underwater speakers, communication gear,
  • Air Bags/Lift Bags
  • Fire Supression Kit
  • Hot Tub
  • Portable Generators
  • Fully stocked Equipment Trailer
  • Pressure Washer
  • Containment Boom
  • Electric Motors
  • Tidy Tank For Gasoline
  • Assortment of small Zodiaks and Outboards
  • Various charts of BC's coastline

Tanks, Pools & Hot Tub

Tanks & Pools

We work closely with the best permanent and temporary tank facilities in North America. From small swimming pools to 400,000 gallon portable tanks, we can provide solutions to fit any budget or requirements. Our crew is among the most experienced in North America for shooting in the controlled environment of a tank or pool.

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Hot Tub

Crosby Marine has a 4-man portable hot tub that can be taken to any location. This inflatable tub, with its custom-built propane heater, makes packing into remote locations possible.

The hot tub is generally deployed on our safety boat in order to keep your talent and stunt performers warm. With it, we can keep your performers' body core temperatures up before the next take without having to transport them back to their trailer. The hot tub has proven to be very beneficial; it enables us to help you produce many more takes out of your performers in a shorter period of time than otherwise.

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