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Filming Under The Water

Crosby Marine provides services which form a crucial element in any underwater film shoot. We work with divers to create a safety protocol specific to marine film work, and specific to the setup of any particular production. Services include continuous risk assessment, crew safety on docks, piers and boats, underwater rigging, SCUBA safety, underwater set design and more.

Underwater Sets

Crosby Marine works closely with art departments on both pool and natural (ocean and lake) underwater locations. The result is a set that looks great and is also practical to film in. With the various underwater locations available in the region as well as portable tanks that can be built in almost any suitable location, we can advise a production as to when and where the best place to shoot their underwater scenes might be.

UBC Wave Tank2708 FarCryWater 0104  IMGP0371

Underwater Camera

Crosby Marine has a strong working relationship with highly-experienced underwater camera operators.  It's very important that the dive team works well together as communication is limited underwater.  It's our goal to make sure the camera operator has the support he/she needs so they can focus on what's in front of their lens.


Underwater Grip & Electrics

Our divers are film professionals. They've spent years working above and below the water in Grip, Electrics and SPFX. Every production gets the best people, every time.  A Dive Coordinator is always present to relay information between the topside department coordinators and the divers.

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Tanks & Pools

We work closely with the best permanent and temporary tank facilities in North America. From small swimming pools to 400,000 gallon portable tanks, we can provide solutions to fit any budget or requirements. Our crew is among the most experienced in North America for shooting in the controlled environment of a tank or pool. Find out more...

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Talent Training

Our unique underwater actor training program helps crew and talent ensure that those difficult shots go off without a hitch.  When stress, fatigue, cold water exposure, heavy costumes, or night shoots leave a production vulnerable, Crosby Marine will provide an experienced crew able to spot the signs and deal with the situation. Crosby Marine has pretty much “seen it all” on set, and is always prepared to handle whatever comes along safely and professionally. Your cast and crew couldn’t be in better hands at any time.


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