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Filming On The Water

Crosby Marine offers a consulting and coordinating service to assist with filming on the water. Respected throughout the industry and continually utilized by productions being created in British Columbia, our list of film, TV and other production credits underscores our proven track record. We have experience at every budget level, including your next project's. 

Experience & Expertise

Crosby Marine is continually learning and evolving to meet the varied demands of today’s film industry. With our practical experience and extensive knowledge of the British Columbia coast, we are able to share our knowledge of the dangers and challenges of working on the water, enabling film & television crews to get the shots they need in the safest and most efficient way possible. We also provide the knowledge necessary to help make decisions associated with tides, weather, marine traffic, permits and more.  

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Planning & Consulting

Planning starts during the early stage of script read-throughs and never stops until the job is done. Always preparing ahead of time for each shot, our crew takes pride in the fact that a production rarely has to wait on us. Each filming day starts with a meeting covering all safety guidelines while working on the water. These guidelines are monitored throughout the day to ensure cast and crew are safe. Crosby Marine always makes sure that any crew working on the water is informed and kept safe throughout the duration of the shoot.

Marine filming demands detailed planning in order for the day to go smoothly and safely. It's this type of planning, combined with our experience, that makes us the best choice in our field.

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Equipment & Gear

Over the years we have invested in specialized equipment for film work. Not only do we have custom boats and barges, but we also have an endless list of miscellaneous gear to support them. Some examples of these items are modular docks, safety gear, dive gear, air bags, chest waders, props and a large variety of anchors and ropes. Each year new ideas are brainstormed and new equipment purchased to make filming on the water as efficient as possible. 

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Stunt Support

Whether it’s actor/stunt training, or actually performing the stunts, we are involved with every aspect of stunts that take place above or below the water. Our Dive Coordinators have trained countless stunt players when filming underwater and have earned excellent reputations within the stunt community. 

Our team works with the production’s stunt coordinator throughout the stunt to ensure that it’s performed safely and efficiently. Safety is a key concern during any stunt and Crosby Marine maintains focus on safety during all stages of the process.

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