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Location & Scouting

Crosby Marine's familiarity with BC waterways has allowed us to master the art of filming both above and below the water in this province. Take advantage of our experience in these waters to give your production an advantage in location scouting, planning and navigation.

Location Scouting

Many years of intensive experience in British Columbia means that we can seek out the perfect location for your shooting needs. We will not only help you locate the perfect environment but will also provide accurate tide charts, local knowledge of marine weather patterns and we will advise of the appropriate permits needed for the scenes being filmed.

We are fully familiar with scenic and accessible locations in the region that are popular with film productions. We also have wide expertise with locations that are not so easy to access, but have equally beautiful scenery. We can provide production planners with photos of various locations that may be suitable for a specific shoot. We also have crew members able to scout any location, no matter the distance or difficulty.

  IMG 1057 Creating fake fog over Island

Charts & Waterways

We can provide your production with both navigational and tide charts in any format. With navigation charts, we will be able to determine what type of background will be in each shot, and where the location will be in relation to shipping channels and other hazards. The aim is to help position film crews at the optimum location, taking into account all possible variables.

Crosby Marine also provides tidal charts detailing tide changes each half hour, FOR YOUR SPECIFIC FILMING LOCATION. Productions usually find these  charts very informative and attach them to call sheets. Using the very latest in digital mapping systems we are able to provide only the most current chart information available, ensuring that there will be no navigational surprises during any situation.


About BC, Canada

British Columbia is Canada's westernmost province and home to a thriving film community. BC's slogan is Spectacular By Nature. You will not regret making the choice to shoot your production in British Columbia.

As a leading member of the BC film community, Crosby Marine actively invests back into local industry and personnel. When you choose Crosby Marine, you help keep BC film strong.

BC Facts

AREA: 944,745 sq. km (364,764 sq. mi)
COASTLINE: 27,000 km (17,000 mi)
ISLANDS: Over 40,000
RIVERS: Over 2,200 km

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