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Safety Standards

Crosby Marine considers safety a crucial element for every successful film shoot. There are many hazards that can easily go unnoticed by a general film crew, but Crosby Marine uses tailored safety protocols specifically drafted for marine film work. Without scrupulous safety standards, we wouldn't be here today.

Safety Monitoring

We have the experience, skills, equipment, and knowledge required to react quickly to rapidly changing risk levels that can arise on set. The safety team contributes on many levels during a film shoot: continuous risk assessment, crew safety on docks, piers and boats, underwater rigging, SCUBA safety and training for actors plus stunt safety for jumps and high falls. Experience allows Crosby Marine to anticipate problems well in advance, making prevention the main goal.

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Stunts & Talent Training

Safety is a key concern during any stunt and Crosby Marine maintains focus on safety during all stages of the process. Our team works with your production’s stunt coordinator throughout the stunt to ensure that it’s performed safely and efficiently. 

Our unique underwater actor training program helps crew and talent ensure that those difficult shots go off without a hitch. Find out more about underwater training.

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Stunt Safety & Rigging

This is a company specialty. The Crosby team provides a top-to-bottom, beginning-to-end stunt safety and rigging service. We work closely with the stunt coordinators and spfx coordinators to make sure that all details have been taken care of.  When the cast and crew knows that their safety is the highest priority, it helps to create a safe working environment for everyone.

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