Crosby Marine Film Services is the leading service provider for all water-based filming in Canada

Crosby Marine Film Services, based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, has been recognized as a respected, integral component of the Canadian film industry since 1986. We provide the West Coast's most complete range of services for film, television and video projects shot above or below water in British Columbia and internationally.

Crosby Marine supplies solutions for any size production, ranging from independent to blockbuster. Our team offers all that is needed to efficiently get you from pre-production ideas to post-production success. With a full fleet of camera and picture boats, tugs and barges, support and safety boats, customized gear and a highly skilled marine crew, we encompass the full scope of services required to bring a film together.

Crosby Marine’s connections allow access to a vast network of equipment and personnel, and our experience provides the safest possible filming environment for any production team. If your production involves working on or under water, Crosby Marine Film Services has all the tools to make it happen!


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jason Crosby and Crosby Marine Services on a broad range of productions over the past 15 years. Jason and his team have consistently provided a high level of expertise, safety, professionalism and enthusiasm for their work. I highly recommend Jason and Crosby Marine Services, and look forward to working with them again soon.
— Brendan Ferguson, Executive Producer

What we do

On The Water

On the Water

With over 30 years of experience, Crosby Marine specializes in all aspects of filming on the water. Starting with prep and carrying the show through to wrap, we have done it all and are prepared to bring directors’ visions to life.  

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Under the Water

Shooting under the water requires specialized gear as well as highly trained personnel with unique skill sets. Safety is paramount and our team is heavily equipped to deal with all aspects of shooting in dive tanks and the ocean.

Simply the best at what they do.  No matter the size or location of the job and it’s challenges, they have always delivered.

Our Fleet AND Equipment

Our fleet is custom-built for the film industry. From our specialty-made crafts to numerous support, transport and safety boats, we are fully prepared to handle any kind of marine situation.

Not only do we supply custom boats and barges, but also offer an endless selection of support gear that includes modular docks, dive equipment, air bags, chest waders, props, anchors, ropes and more.

Since 1999 I’ve worked with Crosby Marine on many projects, from commercials to TV shows and big budget feature films. I always know they will produce at the highest level. They are problem solvers and their safety standards are impeccable, not to mention they are also great people to spend time with. I would not consider anyone else when it comes to marine support

Sample Production Projects

When filming on water there is only one person to call, Jason Crosby and Crosby Marine. They go from working on land to the water without skipping a beat, immediately putting you at ease with complete safety.



Everything Starts with Safety…

At Crosby Marine Film Services, safety is our utmost priority. Decades of experience filming on the water along with our extensive knowledge in evolving industry regulations ensure that we consistently follow the most up-to-date guidelines. These documents are reviewed daily during our crew call safety meetings, and are avaialable for productions to download as required.