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About Us

Crosby Marine Film Services has been part of the BC, Canada film industry for well over a quarter century. We provide the most complete range of marine services for productions shot above or below water in the Pacific Northwest and on the Canadian West coast. We can provide support for any size of production from small to huge. 

The Crosby Marine Story

Dan Crosby spent his entire working life on the water in commercial fishing, marine salvage, log salvaging, log towing, water taxi work, and marine construction. Over three decades ago he became involved with the film industry by working on the widely successful Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) network television series The Beachcombers. He founded Crosby Marine Film Services in 1986.

Growing up on the water with his father, President Jason Crosby joined the family business in 1996 on the production of the movie Free Willy 3 to carry on a family tradition of expertise in boat and water operations for the film industry.

Jason Crosby and his father Dan own and oversee Crosby Marine Film Services Inc., and work in tandem with a hard-working professionally-trained crew. Meet the crew...

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